CommonVisions will engage its diverse participants in the guided process of creating photographic images to stimulate fresh communication and in depth dialogue exploring race and ethnicity. Photographs will facilitate this powerful process in a way that words cannot.
The goal of CommonVisions is to address the vital need in Asheboro and Randolph County North Carolina for a dialogue on race and ethnicity across a great and silent divide, to learn from each other’s points of view and to learn new points of view, to find celebration in the diversity of each others experience and create genuine bridges of unity through exploring the common language of photography.
Participants in this year long project will be two inter-generational groups of Randolph County residents of Latino, African American, Asian American and white backgrounds. Establishing the diversity of the groups is an essential quality of the project. They will carry out a variety of creative photographic assignments designed to reveal aspects of themselves, their communities and their views of other groups. Bimonthly dialogues will focus on the images created; what the photographer attempted to capture and what the participants see in and learn from the images. Periodically the facilitators will introduce information about the mechanisms that perpetuate prejudice and racism as well as understanding the historic context of race in America. A selection of photographs chosen by the group will be shown at a Randolph Arts Guild gallery opening/dialogue for families, friends and the public intended to widen the circle of participants in the project. This dialogue will be designed and conducted by the participants and will center on what the photographs tell us about race and ethnicity and the unity in our diversity.
Chuck Egerton is a photography instructor at Randolph Community College where he has taught for the past 13 years. He is Vice Chair of the Southern Regional Race Unity Committee for the Baha'i Faith which serves 16 states and a member of the Asheboro/Randolph Branch of NAACP. He has facilitated many workshops and classes on racism, racial unity, racial justice and creating genuine unity and oneness among diverse people.

"The purpose of justice
is the appearance of unity..."
~ Bahá'u'lláh
Chuck Egerton
Project Director
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