Dan Diggins
The JFK Memorial Library, Boston, MA

What does the American flag symbolize to a foreigner? To one Canadian who lived and worked in the U.S., the symbols changed dramatically over three and a half years. "There is much more warmth in those stars and stripes, now."

What is wrong with the schools now-a-days?!"

"We have all heard it. Schools are a reflection of the communities in which they operate. Schools are wonderful, magical places. Whatever works and kindness' are performed there are returned a thousand fold. The greatest thing I can ever hope to do is to teach and learn."

Through My Father's Eyes,
Wilmington, NC

"It was important to me that my parents see the context in which I live and work. Patriotism dictates that you should work for the country in which you were raised and educated. It may be seen as opportunistic, and even unpatriotic, to train and develop your skills and then run off to some other foreign country. "I never had to fear my parents judgment. From them, I inherit a global perspective of compassion."

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