Jason Frizzelle
Anthem for the Unwanted
People are always asking me, why do you dress
like that, how can you stand that kind of music? To me it's not just a band on a stage singing a song. It's become a way of life. This is a place for the members of society that are scoffed at everyday to come and to actually belong. This photo is of the lead singer of the band Avail and was taken in Winston-Salem, NC. It shows how a group of kids can come together and just have a good time. After all that's what music's about anyway. Maybe the music people pass off as nothing more than noise is actually a big step in the direction of unity.
Glance toward the past
This photo was taken at the Martin Luther King Day march in Asheboro, NC. I was looking around as I've been trained to do as a photographer when I spotted this boy standing on the column as if crucified there. This image reminds me of the photos I’ve seen from the days of the civil rights movements. The three all seem to have the same worried look just in a different expression. When I see an image like this it reminds me of the saying about remembering your past to prevent repeating it. Well remembering mistakes of the past weather it be just mine or an entire race or an entire country or planet is something I will always have in my mind and I hope everyone can do the same.
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