Me, Prejudiced?!?! Never!!!
Prejudice: irrational suspicion or hatred
Of a particular group, race, or religion,
To pre-judge, to pass judgement before
Gathering facts, to assume.

All color people are like this…….
All white people are like this…….
All rich people are like this…….
All poor people are like this…….
All colored people are like this…….
All foreign people are like this…….
All religious people are like this…….
All spiritual people are like this…….
All men are like this…….
All women are like this…….
Vernon Eaglewolf Logan

You could go on, but the point has been made.

Racism is a disease of fear ignorance, and hatred.
And like every disease, racism can be contagious. Anyone can be racist whether you are White, Black, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, etc… All you have to do is hate or dislike someone, just because they’re different from you. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your
race or heritage, but to hate or dislike someone
just because they’re not the same color or race you are, now there is a problem! With this type of attitude, there can never be peace or harmony. Love, education, tolerance, is the answer to this problem."

-Vernon Eaglewolf Logan
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
(photographed from a television screen)
Self portrait
America "The Illusion of Freedom!"

"Let’s set the record straight. The English people come here and took the land from the Indians. Through manipulation, deception and of course, good old fashion violence. They have broken just about every treaty they have made with the Indians. They brought the Blacks here from Africa to be made slaves. And any Asian, Oriental people that come here were to be made slaves, working and dying on the railroads. And also too, try to keep out the Latinos and Mexican people with green cards and border patrols, which obviously weren’t here for the English people when they first come to this country and was welcome by the Indians. Yet we are boast to believe that America is the land of the free, founded upon principles of freedom, justice, and tolerance, Who Are You Kidding?!?!"

-Vernon Eaglewolf Logan
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