"My sister and me: My sister is my best friend. She's always there for me. We may not look alike but we are similar in many ways. We are one."
Veronica Reyes
"My father is a pillar in the household. A very brave man who I admire the most, because he would do anything for his children to come home with a college degree in their hands. Teaching us that we are all given equal opportunities and that we shouldn't feel less than anyone else because of our race. Gracias Papa."
"Alex and Maria: This picture is priceless. La Familia are first priority for me. My brothers and sister make me who I am. They complete me."
"La Procession del Silencio"
(The Procession of Silence).

This is an old custom that is originally from Seville, Spain. However it is practiced in all Latin America. This procession is famous only in two cities of the world: Seville, Spain and San Luis Potosi, Mexico (my hometown). The procession takes place on Good Friday. Thousands of people participate in this event offering it as a sacrifice to Jesus Christ who died to save us on Good Friday. The people march in complete silence carrying very heavy figures of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the apostles, these figures represents the Catholic Church. The clothing that the participants are wearing must cover their heads and most of them cover their faces as a sign of humbleness. The rebozos or shawls that the women are wearing are hand made in Santa Maria del Rio, S.L.P. A small town where they cultivate the silk for the rebozos, which is the most famous and appreciated craft in San Luis Potosi.
"Some of us left Mexico
and came to the U.S.A. leaving our families behind to give them a better life, but you can't just leave every-thing behind like our customs."
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