CommonVisions has received generous grants from Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and
The Warner Foundation .

People from all backgrounds residing in Randolph County and surrounding areas have participated

Please call Chuck Egerton at
336-329-9306 for more information.

Some comments from participants in CommonVisions:

One of the good things about this group is the sincerity. They say things not to be good friends with everyone, they say the things they feel. That opening is what makes the group good and we feel like we can talk and we're not going to make anyone angry or upset or unhappy. We're here to talk and try to solve the problems and communicate and learn from each other and that's very rich.?

I think one thing about the pictures is it's almost like a window. It allows us to see through the eyes of someone else and gives us insight into what the other person may be feeling or how their life is or how they perceive something and the perspective they might have used in taking the picture,
just subtle things that tell you about the person.”

For me it really stands out how alike we are, how we all love and want to share what is important to us and how the camera has become the tool for us to give one another a view
of who is within our heart.”

It's the kind of project where everybody can look to see what everybody else is doing and concentrate on your own work also. Areas of interest that people focus on, mostly children and culture scenes and nature. It's just something quiet. I've found too that it's a get acquainted type situation because I walked in the restaurant and walked up to people saying can I take your picture please and they say yes and pose. It's a way of warming things up and on numerous occasions I've taken group pictures and all of a sudden another one in the group says let me take the picture while you get into the scene. It's something that we can start a conversation with,
a conversation piece everyone can relate to.”

I've taken a lot of classes over the years but never have taken a class that built friendships. There is a teacher up there and we've learned but I feel like I've made friends here and that's important. It's a small town and it's nice to have more faces that I know that are more diverse
that I can relate to. I've learned so much. ”
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen to all of you and everything you have to say. When I started this course I remember thinking I don't know what I'm doing here because [my country] is so boring and we are all the same and I think that now I can change a lot of things that since I've been here, my perspective of Spain has been so different. I've seen things that I haven't seen before and my teaching is going to be so different from now on because it's like the cultural thing is really important. One of the things I have to do in my class is trying to find a way to have the children feel proud of themselves and now in [my country] we wouldn't have any diversity at all, we were all the same, now it's like all these people coming in bringing in their cultures and that's enriching and we need to preserve it. We don't need to try to take them out of our lives, they need to be in our lives and not just in their own neighborhoods. I don't like that, all of us need to be together.?
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